Directly across North Figueroa from Sycamore Park, stands the picturesque stone and half-timber house of Dr. Edwin C. Hiner which was built in 1892.

Dr. Hiner, a professor of music, came to Los Angeles from Kansas City were he was Bandmaster for over three decades. Prvious to this he directed the Third Regiment Band, which was inducted into regular army service during the Spanish American War, and became known as President McKinley's Band.

Dr. Hiner and his wife, Anna, an accomplished singer and writer, frequently entertained John Phillip Sousa at their home. In fact, they built a rehearsal hall on the property for Sousa, and named the hall "Sousa's Nook".

Upon Dr. Hiner's death, some 6,000 band musical scores, some of them pricelss as collector's items were presented to the Kansas City Library, in accordance with Dr. Hiner's wishes. Hiner's home is designated an historic-cultural monument, and is today a private residence.