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This Mission Revival-style residence was constructed in 1906 by Charles Henry Greenshaw. Greenshaw was a physician by education, but like many people during the period he also dabbled in real estate. He and Abraham Singer subdivided the area around the house, called the San Rafael Terrace Tract, in 1908. Greenshaw lived in the house for only a short period of time with his wife, Mary. The property changed hands several times over the years.

Greenshaw commissioned one of California's early architects, Joseph Cather Newson, to design the residence. Newsom, along with his brother and partner Samuel, immigrated to San Francisco from their birthplace in Montreal. They began to design houses and a few commercial buildings in the 1870's. By the end of the decade they had become one of the most successful architecture firms in the state with 650 executed commissions.

"Treasures of Garvanza" was a walking tour of historical properties presented by Highland Park Heritage Trust on October 23, 1999.