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This property includes three buildings that were erected or moved onto the site between 1885 and 1940. These buildings were saved from years of neglect and potential demolition when they were purchased a few years ago and completely rehabilitated, by the current owners. Their efforts were recognized and received an award from Highland Park Heritage Trust (HPHT) in 1998.

The original building on this one and a quarter acre lot was the cottage with a side-gabled roof. The front portion of the cottage was probably erected in the late 1880's, as it appears in photographs documenting the construction of the Church of the Angeles in 1889. Certain features of the house also suggest that it may be one of the oldest buildings in the area, possibly a cottage for the workers on the Campbell-Johnston ranch. It is constructed of redwood with hand-forged square nails. (Wire nails were patented in the 1890's and replaced hand-forged square nails by the turn of the century.)

"Treasures of Garvanza" was a walking tour of historical properties presented by Highland Park Heritage Trust on October 23, 1999.