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The designer of this American Foursquare residence was obviously influenced by classical architecture. The residence was constructed before the turn of the century, probably for a Mrs. Olive G.A. Rice. The residence changed hands several times before it was purchased by Dr. Henry Smith Williams in 1936.

A noted physician, author, ornithologist, scientist, and painter, Williams was one of Garvanza's most distinguished citizens. Born in Durand, Illinois on May 4, 1863, Williams was educated at Iowa State University and Chicago Medical College. He began the practice of medicine in 1884, and specialized in mental disorders. He also specialized in hematology and was the originator of the proteomorphic theory of immunization in 1914.

Williams began his career as an author in 1887. He wrote more than 50 books on medicine, birds, science, and nature. Under an assumed name, Williams also wrote scientific detective stories using a doctor as the hero. Williams began painting from nature when he was eight years old. More than 400 of his illustrations appeared in magazines and books, and many of his works were displayed at the Museum of Natural History in New York and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington..

Williams moved to Garvanza from Connecticut in 1936 after his retirement from the medical profession. His sister, Harriet Williams Myers, the noted ornithologist and founder of Garvanza Audubon, lived across the street.

"Treasures of Garvanza" was a walking tour of historical properties presented by Highland Park Heritage Trust on October 23, 1999.