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This late nineteenth century cottage was probably built between 1890 and 1895 by Griffith Condron, a contractor, and his wife, Caroline; they lived next door at 6425 Crescent. This house, therefore, was probably constructed as a business venture, as it was sold to Balthaser and Elizabeth Roeder in 1903.

The design for the house probably came from a plan book. During the period, architects and electric power tools were practically unheard of in the small towns of California such as Garvanza, and used only by the upper class of society. The primary way lower and middle class people obtained the designs for their homes was through mail order catalogs. Even the building specifications and pre-cut lumber could be shipped by rail if desired. By customizing orders, or by using materials found in the region, these mail-order houses could by distinguished from one another.

"Treasures of Garvanza" was a walking tour of historical properties presented by Highland Park Heritage Trust on October 23, 1999.