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William Lees Judson, a prominent painter who came to the area in 1893, founded the first school of fine art in Southern California, the Los Angeles College of Fine Arts. The college became part of the University of Southern California in 1897. The original building was erected on this site in 1901 and designed by Judson. Destroyed by fire in 1910, the architectural film of Train and Williams was commissioned to design the existing building, which is an interesting interpretation of the Craftsman style. Many of the handcrafted details were produced by the art students themselves. Earlier this year, this property was placed on the National Register - Garvanza's first listing.

The school and its founder attracted many artists and Garvanza became known as the bohemian arts colony of the Arroyo Seco. The building also served as the guild hall for the Arroyo Guild of Fellow Craftsman, a group of artisans and craftspersons inspired by Judson and George Wharton James. In October 1909, James published the "Arroyo Craftsman" through the Arroyo Guild Press (celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.) The logo of the Arroyo Guild, an arm and hammer, appears in terra cotta above the entrance. Its motto "We Can" is a variation of Gustav Stickley's "If We Can."

In 1920, Judson retired and the USC consolidated operations to its current site. The building then became a stained glass studio, The Judson Studios, operated by Judson's sons. Started in 1897 in the old plaza area of Los Angeles, The Judson Studios today is internationally recognized as the oldest, family-run, fine art glass company in the world.

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